January 27, 2023


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When can you start painting outside?

Painting Household Exteriors in Spring

Want to know when we can start off painting your home’s exterior?

First, the household will have to be free of charge from snow in get to give you an accurate estimate. This will make it possible for us obtain and watch of your full exterior.

When the snow has melted and we’ve provided you with an estimate, we are even now dependent upon the climate. To start off painting outdoors, the right away temperatures have to have to continuously be previously mentioned 35 degrees Fahrenheit at a minimal. The right away temperatures need to not change too a lot from the daytime temps. That is for the reason that dew can bring about paint adhesion challenges and area staining.

Typically, we can start out portray outside between March 15th and April 15th

The moment you have picked Monk’s for your exterior portray undertaking, we will usually start out functioning on your home in 3 to 4 weeks. The previously you get on our plan, the additional overall flexibility we will have to accommodate you with regards to timing.

Berkeley Heights Exterior Painter
Berkeley Heights Exterior Painter

Case in point of Whole Sanding

Sanded Cedar Shingles
Sanded Cedar Shingles

Monk’s painters only use premium paint. Typically, we use Length Paint from Sherwin-Williams and Aura Paint from Benjamin-Moore.

When you can start portray exterior from Sherwin-Williams

” … These merchandise can be utilized and will heal at reduce temperatures, as minimal as 35° F. Classic latex-primarily based paints will need temperatures previously mentioned 60° F to cure appropriately. Hotter temperatures are essential to make it possible for the latex particles to coalesce, or melt alongside one another. That is why the spring and slide can be tricky periods to paint outside. A prevalent miscalculation is to paint when the daytime higher temperature gets higher than 60° F and the nighttime temperatures get significantly cooler since dew kinds on nearly anything as soon as the sun goes down. Even while the temperature was Ok at the time of application, the paint can stop coalescing. This permits humidity to get into the uncured paint film permitting selected components to come to the area when the moisture evaporates, leading to surface staining and attainable adhesion complications.” 

Additional from Sherwin-Williams regarding exterior painting ideal methods.

Get a Totally free Exterior Portray Quotation from Monk’s

We are a full-assistance corporation and in addition to dealing with portray your home’s exterior, we can also give you with carpentry repairs, window and doorway replacements, amongst other services.

If you even now have concerns about when we’ll get started portray outdoors, you should connect with us at 973-333-4719. If you are preparing on portray the exterior of your household, we would like the option to focus on your painting undertaking with you.

You can also agenda a no cost quote proper now by booking on the internet.