January 28, 2023


Home living innovation

The house recast


The entrepreneurs, a retired few, approached Studio Ben Allen to rethink the piecemeal rear façade of their close of terrace Victorian dwelling in north London and to offer a new kitchen and two new loos – 1 to be on the floor ground and obtainable. The architects were eager to take into consideration how the extension could display exemplarily use of pigmented patterned concrete as both equally construction and architectural complete. Inexperienced patterned columns and beams generate a framework for the salmon colour structural wall panels of the first-floor lavatory. Internally the use of pigmented concrete proceeds – with stairs, counters, sink, floors, benches, bathtub and washbasin all cast in pigmented concrete. A second topic is the use of louvered vaulted ceilings with bring diffuse light down into each the kitchen and bathroom. A double top area connects the new ground floor spaces with a new mezzanine on the very first floor which in flip is linked to the principal stair. This void enables mild to penetrate deep into the residence whilst also making visual and aural connections as a result of the household.
The creative imagination! The curves! The colors!


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