May 28, 2022


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MY AMISH Residence: Spills make lengthy listing of responsibilities even more time | Residence & Back garden

I’ll do that one particular when I get back from receiving Erwin at the workshop. I also have some meat to can. I believe that will complete up my canning for the time.

Considering the fact that it is sunny, I actually would have favored to do some laundry. But at times in the wintertime, even if the solar shines, the things doesn’t get far too excited about drying. I have sis Ferne’s carpets to clean. Guaranteed would be nice to hang those out. But right now was just not a day to clean carpets. Or other things, for that make any difference.

Properly, listed here it is, late afternoon as I end this, and oh my! I entirely forgot about the meat in the fridge that I was heading to can! Ah, me! I guess it can be accomplished tomorrow. I did get the two fridges cleaned, the counter cleared, dishes washed. And guess what? I had to do some laundry just after all.

Lazy me, I experienced to choose a split soon after lunch in advance of ending up in the kitchen area. Perhaps if I experienced completed all the things initially, but in any case, I was dumping out containers of this and that, things outdated in the fridge. My bucket was a great deal whole I took it out to the compost pile. And someway, when I wanted to dump it, the bucket flipped backwards and dumped that slop things around my coat.

So I went in, commenced up my machine and washed my coat and a few of sweatshirts and my cleaning rags though I was at it in any case.

And chatting about spilling issues, Sunday we went to church at Elva and Rose Otto’s. They had decided to serve a heat meal alternatively of the classic bread, peanut butter and cheese distribute. Which is Okay. At times. Rose made a decision on breakfast fare of hash browns, biscuits, gravy, fresh fruit, fruit dip and granola. It was extremely excellent!