June 19, 2024


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Laurie Garretson: Fallen leaves ought not be wasted | Household And Backyard garden

I have seen heaps of total leaf luggage out on curbs ready to be picked up and taken to the landfill whilst driving to and from get the job done. What a squander. Why acquire up unwanted house in a landfill when your leaves could be so practical in your gardens and on your lawns? Fallen leaves are a amazing free present from nature.

Trees send their roots deep into the soil to accumulate nutrition that the tree then passes on to the leaves. Fallen leaves then develop into a resource of vitamins for other plants and a important abundant soil amendment. Dried leaves will elevate your soil fertility.

As leaves drop from your trees onto your garden, consider mowing them as a substitute of raking them. Just take your lawnmower and run over the leaves a couple of periods. The little broken up leaves will shortly filter down to the soil and speedily break down into a all-natural fertilizer for the lawn.

Dumping dried leaves into flowerbeds and vegetable gardens can enable to retain the soil heat in cold weather conditions and aids the soil to retain humidity all through warm weather, all the while slowly and gradually breaking down into soil meals.

Dried leaves can make a great addition to compost piles. Leaves increase nutrients that are not ordinarily out there from kitchen scraps or grass clippings.

Leaves are also a incredibly fantastic supply of carbon for compost piles. Including leaves to your compost has an added advantage of combining leaf nutrients with other vitamins found in the pile, developing a balanced eating plan for all crops.

Earthworms appear to be to enjoy dried leaves. It is not unusual to come across earthworms below a pile of leaves. Gardeners know how valuable earthworms are in their gardens. Earthworms fertilize, aerate and loosen all varieties of soils.

A single other thing about collecting leaves. Know exactly where your leaves or collected grass clippings have appear from. My friend Deena once killed her full vegetable yard working with collected leaves from a mate that experienced just unfold his entire garden with some sort of synthetic herbicide, which he had overlooked to inform her about.

Right until following time, let us all attempt to garden with mother nature, not versus it, and perhaps all our weeds will turn out to be wildflowers.

Laurie Garretson is a Victoria gardener and nursery operator. Send out your gardening queries to laurie@vicad.com or in treatment of the Advocate, P.O. Box 1518, Victoria, TX 77902.