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9 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Edges for 2022


Quartz countertop edges are getting to be more and more in need. People today like to select a top that has the strengths of a marble edge yet is not as expensive or time-consuming to put in.

As soon as you choose the right products, you can have your possess exceptional edges. With reliable color, you can make it seem elegant and also continue to keep down charges by picking a cheap edge to set up in excess of a far more pricey a single. Caesarstone has a thorough posting on quartz countertop edges. You can read through the short article by clicking the hyperlink beneath.


We have compiled a listing of the 10 most preferred quartz countertop edges so that you’ll have all the information you require about quartz countertop edges, their benefits, and negatives.

The Function of Quartz Countertop Edges

Quartz is an incredibly well-liked selection for countertop materials. It has been favored because of to its power, look, and comfort.

The design and style options of a countertop can have a significant affect on its model, operation and basic safety.

Safety is the most crucial thing to take into consideration when picking out a quartz countertop edge. Selecting an edge that makes you and your family secure is vital. A countertop edge can be just one of the most risky features in the kitchen area. So, pick correctly.

9 Most Well-known Quartz Countertop Edges

50 percent bullnose edge

This style of edge has a spherical edge profile. Most householders want this form of edge for the reason that it is quick to put in. Its dimension is perfect for a contemporary kitchen area. It is excellent to observe that 50 percent bullnose edges are utilised in significant kitchens.

If it comes to disadvantages, it is not tall ample. This sort of edge fits completely in a fashionable kitchen area. It is the greatest quartz countertop edge for a massive kitchen. The gray tone of Carrara quartz is appropriate for this edge.

Eased edge

Eased edge is considered the most common quartz countertop edge. It is a extremely straightforward edge that is incredibly inexpensive. This edge would be perfect for a kitchen with a modern and minimalist design and style. It is also a safe edge since it does not have sharp edges.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge is a well known fashion that attributes a slight angle in the countertop edge. It’s a simple and elegant appear that can be utilized in equally a kitchen area and a lavatory.

This design and style is really low-upkeep and is fantastic for folks who like to clean up and maintain their kitchen area or lavatory countertops, as it’s effortless to wipe down.

The beveled edge type seems pretty sharp and angular and is great in modern layouts. It can also be utilized in more mature houses that have a modern day glance. The beveled edge type can also be applied in kitchens with a fashionable seem, where a additional conventional edge model is ideal. A beveled edge also gives bogs a modern day search.

Laminated edge

This quartz countertop edge is built of laminated stone. It is a kind of quartz countertop edge that makes it quick to clear. This is a person of the reasons why it is also a person of the most common quartz countertop edges. It is also incredibly simple to maintain.

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is a typical model with a rounded corner equivalent to a beveled edge. The ogee edge appears exquisite, but it is a minimal extra pricey than a beveled edge. It’s also a very little additional challenging to clear and retain than a beveled edge or a straightforward rounded edge.

On the other hand, the ogee edge is a basic glimpse that can be located in both equally present-day and classic kitchens and bogs.

Waterfall edge

The waterfall edge is a modern, contemporary edge that appears to be terrific in a modern day kitchen. This edge is quite tall and slim, so it is most effective suited to a fashionable kitchen.

This edge is a wonderful selection if you like a fashionable glance to your kitchen area. It also seems to be really sleek and modern-day. When it will come to cleansing, it is a minimal more complex than the other designs.

Mitered edge

A mitered edge is very similar to an eased edge. It has a mild slope that provides the quartz countertop a clean and polished glimpse. This edge is perfect if you want to give the quartz countertop edge a polished really feel.

You can choose a shade that will deliver out your decor. Therefore, it is a terrific choice for any decor. When it arrives to a con, the mitered edge is considerably expensive.

However, the expense will go up if you decide on to widen it. The ideal portion is that mitered edge will not limit your measurements. It can be installed with any quartz countertop edges.

Double ogee edge countertop

A double ogee edge is just a two-layered ogee edge. It’s two curves stacked on top of each other, so you can use this in a slightly smaller or larger space than the usual ogee edge. Double ogee edge is a excellent option if you are in really like with the ogee edge but feel like it’s a very little too official for your kitchen area.

Entire bullnose

This edge is related to the 50 percent bullnose due to the fact it has a gentle, gradual slope. The 50 % bullnose edge is the most versatile due to the fact it can suit a huge array of decor. It is the fastest way to set up a quartz countertop since you can set it together with out any resources.

It is also safe, specifically if you have small children all over. The complete bullnose edge is the most well known mainly because of its versatility. This edge can be applied to make your space both formal and informal.


In this guideline, you have examine about quartz countertop edges most preferred and greatly made use of in kitchens. Picking out the right quartz countertop edge can have a big effects on your kitchen area. It is essential to contemplate the professionals and negatives of each and choose the most effective 1. We recommend you opt for a fashion that will match your kitchen area and your fashion.


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