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Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1982: The Dome Home

Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1982: The Dome Home

Elizabeth Flaherty


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What’s a Dome Home?

Family Handyman launched in 1951, so 2021 marks our 70th anniversary. We’re celebrating with some of our favorite content from over the years. This project about creating a dome home ran in our May/June 1982 issue.

As the article says, “Many people believe that the dome home is a new concept. In fact, the dome design is much older. Ancient peoples build dome homes: The Eskimo called his dome an igloo, the African thatched hut was called an indlu.”

The benefits of a dome home include:

  • They are easy to heat. This is because the dome is so open resulting in forced air that moves heat most effectively to every part of the building
  • The dome sphere shape is self supporting, resulting in a large amount of floor space with a minimum of exterior surface exposed to the weather.
  • The construction of this dome in particular, used large 16 in. trusses that allowed for 12 in, of insulation and an extra 4 in. for air circulation. This feature eliminates the problem of condensation, common in structures, where the entire wall cavity is filled with insulation with no room for ventilation.

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