March 1, 2024


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Soothing decor can help you reset for a new year | Lifestyles

After an anxiety-filled 2020 and during the continuing pandemic, many of us are looking to our homes for nearly everything: a place to work, study, sleep, eat, exercise. And don’t forget unwind.

Homes these days can offer calm and relaxation, designers say. Whether that means a decor refresh or a few small additions, they suggest some easy ways to create a more restful home space for 2021.

Think both big and small as you assess your rooms, says John Eason, an interior designer in New York.

“The feeling of a soothing room comes not only from the overall effect and aesthetic, but from key details,” he says.

The new cozy

Don’t be limited by conventional ideas of what makes a space cozy, Eason says: “Metal and stone are as comforting for their sturdy dependability as wood is for its flex and give. Deep, rich colors can be as relaxing as cheerful, bright ones.”

Sustainably produced textiles and environmentally friendly paints with velvety finishes can lend a healthy and comfortable vibe.

Find apps that play calming music and relaxing stories, or YouTube videos of crackling fireplaces or lapping waters.

Aromatherapy candles and diffusers wafting scents of nature, or baked goodies, are easy additions, as are soft toss pillows where you’ll be binge-watching.