June 20, 2024


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Love vs. Design Launches With Instantly Customizable Peel And Stick Wallpapers For Your Home

Jan. 8, 2021 / PRZen / WASHINGTON, Utah — Basic Invite, a leading online stationery provider, uses its revolutionary customization software to launch Love vs. Design, a custom wallpaper company.  Love vs. Design offers two types of peel-and-stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper material that will be custom printed once ordered.

Love vs. Design launches with over one hundred trendy peel and stick wallpaper designs sourced from a team of designers that span the globe.  Customers can personalize each print with an online customizer that updates a real-time preview of what the wallpaper will look like in that new color in the customer’s home.  Over two hundred color options are available per design element, giving customers almost unlimited color combinations.

“We believe we are solving a huge problem when it comes to home design. By allowing customers the ability to not only find the wallpaper pattern they love but fine-tune the colors instantly to create a perfect fit for their home,” said Love vs. Designs CEO Brock Bacik.

Love vs. Design is different than most other online wall covering website as it will be offering the following:

No Cost Color Customization
Love vs. Design allows customers to personalize their wallpaper colors to the colors of their choice at no additional cost.

Quick Turn Around
Customers will receive their custom orders in as little as five business days.

Custom Samples
Love vs. Design offers $5 custom samples for each wallpaper design, and customers also have the option to sample the woven and vinyl self-adhesive material.

Quality Material
Love vs. Designs self-adhesive woven wallpaper is rated for ten years.  This means customers will be able to leave their wallpaper up for ten years and then remove it from their wall without removing paint or leaving a sticky residue.

Love vs. Design will be offering a “Love It Guarantee,” which will ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with how their order turned out, or they can have it reprinted or return it for a full refund.

Love vs. Design launched in January 2021 and offers unique and trendy peel and stick removable wallpaper.  LovevsDesign.com allows customers to customize wallpaper for a nursery, kids’ room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office.

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