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How to handle renovation problems as an introvert , Lifestyle News


Renovation difficulties can be complicated and costly to rectify. And because they generally entail several get-togethers and perhaps even an component of confrontation, they can be the things of nightmares for conflict-averse introverts.

I was wincing so difficult examining Stacked’s report on a renovation gone erroneous. Hacking a erroneous wall, shoddy workmanship, and miscommunications galore – I indicate, speak about sh*t hitting the enthusiast. But I was also considering, Heng ah, lucky under no circumstances take place to me. (Of course, I have a Singlish interior voice.)


If you’ve got adopted alongside the Introvert Renovates sequence, you will know I’ve organized and about-ready for my personal flat renovations, from making my possess 3D renders to meticulously deciding on the suitable inside design organization.

And I consider that went a extensive way in the direction of mitigating any large renovation disasters.

Sad to say, because there are so quite a few shifting parts in the course of a renovation, complications are nearly certain to happen. I faced my share of problems throughout my personal flat renovations, although I was fortunate none of them were being much too really serious. But there have been incidents that nonetheless brought about a sleepless evening or two.

As an introvert, I keep away from tense predicaments like the plague. But when my desire house was at stake, I had to get the bull by the horns. In dealing with renovation problems, my targets ended up to discover a option and avoid conflict at all costs. 

If you are studying this pondering ‘What’s the massive offer?”, then this post obviously isn’t for you. But for my fellow shrinking violets out there, working with renovation difficulties may be a Herculean task. 

Every time an situation cropped up throughout my renovation, here’s the process I’d go via:


  1. Quiet down
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  3. Area the dilemma
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  5. Converse, connect, communicate
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  7. Discover a remedy
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It is really a uncomplicated course of action, but each and every step is vital in acquiring to a satisfactory final result. 

I will detail just one dilemma that emerged all through my renovation, and with any luck ,, you can realize each individual phase of the course of action improved.

The problem

I was possessing a new aircon process put into my flat, so that associated putting in piping and trunking.

In Component two of this sequence, I wrote I desired to continue to keep the architectural strains of my flat as clean as attainable. So, aircon trunking placement experienced to be regarded as incredibly carefully, so that they could be hid.

Hans, my interior designer, coordinated the aircon installation with the aircon company, and the function was accomplished in the course of the working day. 


When I frequented the flat afterwards that evening, I identified the aircon trunking had been put in in the master bed room in a spot that could not be quickly hid. The drainage pipe in the grasp lavatory was also tracing a route in the lavatory that would leave it exposed.

1. Calming down

So there I was, standing in the center of a function site, nursing a escalating pit of dread in my stomach and my brain raced with issues. Who’s at fault? Can I get this fastened? Will I have to devote more? Will I have to reside with this?

My heart was racing, I was panting, and commencing to crack out in a chilly sweat – traditional signals of an stress and anxiety assault.

Around the yrs, a single factor I’ve figured out the challenging way is to avoid texting or emailing another person when I am anxious, or even when I am upset or angry. When I have, it is really by no means finished nicely. Apart from, one particular desires a obvious head to deal with renovation problems.

Having said that you react to the discovery of a renovation trouble, do not respond right until you happen to be back to your relaxed and collected self. Physiologically, your disturbed human body requires involving 10 to 30 minutes to run its course and revert to baseline. If you can snooze on it, even better.

I remaining my flat, and went dwelling to a fitful night’s rest.

2. Surfacing the difficulty

The moment you’ve calmed down, you have an vital decision to make – is this dilemma worthy of making a fuss about? What is actually at stake?

The upcoming morning, I weighed my options. I seriously required my flat to be great. Could I stay with unpleasant aircon trunking? Just after all, it wasn’t harming the operate of the aircon or the rest of the household.


If I decided I couldn’t reside with it, I could be jeopardizing more charges and delays to the renovation timeline. Additional importantly, I would be putting my friendship with Hans in jeopardy.

There ended up some slip-ups that I could forget about, but not this one. The trunking would be the to start with issue I would see each individual morning when I wake up. And I might see the drainage pipe every single time I utilized my toilet considering that it was managing down the wall correct upcoming to my mirror.

I took a deep breath and texted Hans about the difficulty, being as apparent and in-depth as doable about the trunking challenge.

“This is not acceptable,” I concluded just before hitting Deliver.

You will find a explanation why I am close friends with Hans – we have pretty similar temperaments and respond to challenges the identical way. That implies, he most likely saw my information, experienced a mini freak-out, and had to relaxed himself down initially right before reacting. 

I acquired Hans’s reply an hour afterwards. But when Hans commences to tackle a challenge, he is an fantastic communicator.

3. Communicate, converse, converse

When it will come to dilemma-solving, Hans is about speaking as precisely as possible. Wherever text fails, he’ll mail voice notes. The place these fail, he’ll ring me up. Where by words fail totally, he’ll deliver photos with his scribbles on them. 

Not only that, he went a person step even further and place himself, me, and the aircon corporation into a WhatsApp chat team. This is a critical action, so we’re all not stuck in endless rounds of he-reported-she-said. (This is why choosing a fantastic inside designer is so important.)

We immediately ascertained why it happened. Hans and I experienced talked over how the trunking was to be placed in the corridor outside the bed room, which Hans had successfully relayed to the aircon firm.

But we hadn’t been as very clear about the route for the trunking to consider in the master bed room and rest room, so the installers just took the shortest path possible.

I also have to be incredibly thankful that the aircon business staff members ended up levelheaded, and our discussion failed to devolve into a blame activity. Our chat comprised three groups of persons functioning to fix a challenge, all trying to be as goal and clear as doable in our conversation.

4. Finding a alternative

We had been all on the very same site, trying to locate a route for the trunking that could be quickly concealed.


In the grasp bedroom, we soon made the decision that a shorter part of the trunking required to be shifted so that the wardrobe could be built all over it.

Mainly because it was a compact section of the trunking that required to be modified, the aircon business was joyful to do the function at no more demand.


The drainage pipe in the master lavatory wasn’t as uncomplicated.

We quickly realised that there was no other exceptional route for the pipe to just take. Part of the pipe would be concealed powering the self-importance, but a section would nevertheless be obvious earlier mentioned it.


I arrived up with the notion to box up the exposed pipe, and build a similar box-up on the other side of the bathroom. It would search like the mirror had a body, and the offending pipe would be hidden from perspective.

Happy ending

In the grand plan of a home renovation, exposed aircon trunking is just not the worst factor that could take place, and there are portions I was not equipped to have concealed. I know I’m incredibly fortunate this incident was a person of the most big of the renovation complications I had to face, and even luckier that it was settled swiftly and reasonably painlessly. 

But the predicament could have so effortlessly spiraled into one thing significantly more nightmarish.

In a world that favours quickly action and loud personalities, there are both equally rewards and negatives to remaining an introverted renovator. Our quieter character indicates we’re fewer willing to raise problems to avoid conflict. 

But when we do confront troubles, we tend to be much more careful and degree-headed. And we err on the side of peacekeeping more than bulldozing all people to get our way. 

For each introvert who’s embarking on their individual renovation journey, I hope my personal experience has offered you the self-confidence to make the required preparations, design peaceful spaces, and handle complications in your own distinctive way.

Introversion is an asset in an endeavour as advanced and challenging as a renovation, so acquire coronary heart, lean into your instincts, and construct your aspiration household.

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This report was very first printed in Stackedhomes.


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