January 27, 2023


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Garden tips: June an important time for potatoes, tomatoes | Rural Life


June is the time when several vegetable crops can start out to be harvested from the house yard. Kansas Condition College horticulture skilled Ward Upham shares a number of care reminders for popular yard crops.

Upham claimed this time of yr is generally when new potatoes are ideal harvested.

“New potatoes are immature and must be about the size of walnuts,” he said. “Pull soil away from the foundation of the plants to see if the tubers are the wished-for dimension.”

If the tubers are the ideal size – and after the total plant has been dug up – Upham stated a person key to a successful harvest is to go away the plant exposed to daylight for several hrs so that the skins can dry. This will stop the young potatoes’ tender skin from “slipping,” he explained..

“Though tomatoes need to have to be fertilized to yield perfectly, much too substantially nitrogen can outcome in big crops with little to no fruit,” Upham reported. “Tomatoes ought to be fertilized right before planting and aspect-dressed with a nitrogen fertilizer 3 occasions for the duration of the season.”

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Upham explained the 1st facet-dressing really should go down 1-2 months just before the very first tomato ripens, and the next aspect-dressing ought to be utilized two months right after the 1st tomato ripens. The third facet-dressing should then be applied a month right after the second tomato ripens.

Upham reported recommended fertilizers for tomatoes incorporate nitrate of soda, blood meal, urea and ammonium sulfate. The advised application costs incorporate:

  • Nitrate of soda: (16–) 2/3 lbs or 1.5 cups for each 30 ft of row.
  • Blood meal: (12-1.5-6) 14 ounces or 1.75 cups for every 30 feet of row.
  • Urea: (46–) 4 ounces or 1.5 cup for every 30 feet row.
  • Ammonium sulfate: (21–) .5 pounds or 1 cup per 30 ft row.


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