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East Jefferson property transfers for Dec. 28-30, 2020, See a list of home and other sales | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in East Jefferson Parish from Dec. 28-30. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Dec. 28-30 


Colonial Place Phase 1 subdivision, lot 7: Colonial Gardens Inc. to William A. Flach and Tianne B. Flach, $270,000.

Magnolia Blvd. 113: Peggy L.G. White to Cameron A. Moises and Kathleen W. Moises, $250,000.


Barry Ave. 212: Selma Monroe to Michael J. Macaluso, $132,500.

Betz Ave. 608: Betz Properties LLC to Amarc Properties LLC, $125,000.

Coolidge St. 341-43: Joseph A. Catalanotto and Gwyn R. Catalanotto to Ashok R. Etikala, $278,000.

Hyman subdivision, lot A, square 6: Joesph A. Catalanoto and Gwyn R. Catalanoto to Ashok R. Etikyala, $278,000.

Terrace St. 617: Timothy A. Poupart to Seth A. Jensen and Rachel A. Dauzet, $210,000.

Tucker Ave. 533: Emily J. Harrison and Todd B. Vogel to Daniel R. Walrath, $275,000.


Airline Highway 1701: Mohammad Suleman Employees Pension Trust and Mohammad Suleman Employees Profit Sharing Trust to Robicheaux Real Estate Investments Inc., $375,000.

Arkansas Ave. 4005: Derek J. Stroud and Rebecca Rosales to Patrick A. Young Jr., $169,000.

Avant Garde Circle 101: Ted T. Nguyen to Clay G. Callaghan and Dylan A. Callaghan, $126,000.

E. Louisiana State Drive 3823: Walter W. Billson and Karen A.M. Billson to Lindsi N. Godfrey, $57,500.

Hilton Drive 4510: Dan W. Erwin to Christopher L. Peters, $120,000.

Illinois Ave. 2321: Katie L. Castillo to Howard T. Matthews Jr. and Jeneria C. Matthews, $220,000.

Little Bayou Lane 241: Vittoria Zuppardo to Leticia Moran and Louis V. Moran Jr., donation.

Louisiana Trace subdivision, lot 128, square H: Leilani B. Manalo to James D. Wandling, donation.

Louisiana Trace subdivision, lot 34: Louisiana Trace LLC to Kortney Bassemier and Michael J. Bassemier, $158,301.

Moisant St. 1705: Jose Castro and Maria Castro to Roger A. Coleman and Sara A. Staines, $170,000.

Pellerin Drive 456: Perry Custer to Vito Perez and Natalia V. Perez, $220,000.

Platt St. 9: Shannon Whitman and Dominick F. Impastato III to Brandi Andress and Philip Hoffman, $380,000.

Royal Palm Drive 34: Magnolia Enterprises Inc. to Royal Palm Trust, $3,345,000.


Arnoult Road 1613: Glenn A. Prechac and Kyle B. Kloor to Juan C. Arreaga and Maximiliana Arreaga, $85,000.

Bellaire Drive 6554: New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Alvin A. Smith, $120,000.

Bellaire Drive 6554: Alvin A. Smith to Jennifer L. Kester and Peter Gratton, $498,325.

Blanke St. 6604: Brian C. Parks to Zaida G. Parks, donation.

Breanon St. 715: Henry B. Williams and Lesa H. Williams to Nicholas Serpas and Ashley M. Serpas, $399,715.

Bridgedale A. subdivision, lot 41, square 23: Christopher V. Cangelosi and Jackie L. Cangelosi to David M. Hunt, $367,000.

Canal St., part lot 5, square 23: Jefferson Parish to Alexander A. Echevarria, $23,750.

Cleveland Place 5028: Leslie J. Masangya Jr. to Robert C. Villio Jr. and Brenda V. Villio, $635,000.

Country Club Estates, lot 197: Stephen McCready to Benjamin Hayden and Kelly E.M. Hayden, $638,750.

E. William David Parkway 227: Caroline D.C. Ibos to William S. Miller and Colette H. Miller, $460,000.

E. Livingston Place 257: Bancroft Property Investments LLC to Bryan J. Landry and Sandra Senner, $610,000.

Giuffrias Ave. 406: Brandie B. Hansel to Courtney Levitt, $169,900.

Henican Place 4209: Jennifer McCormick and James L. McCormick to Action Holdings LLC, $165,000.

Henican Place 4209: Action Holdings LLC to Danielle J. Langford, Billy V. Ponce and Danielle J.P. Valladares, $255,000.

Highway Park, square 465: Mary Maldonado and German D. Laitano to Charles J. Sotmayor Revocable Trust, $360,000.

Home Ave. 1721: Tara Spalitta and Joshua Huddleston to Jordyn Gsell and David Gsell, $320,000.

Houma Blvd. 3805, unit A122: Equity Source LLC to Mousa Ammari, $103,000.

Jefferson Ave. 704: John W. Norwood and Tiffany L. Norwood to Michael E. Collie and Shawntelle C. Collie, $480,000.

Jefferson Lakeshore subdivision, lot 12, square G: Emery M.H. Gremillion to Troy M. Gremillion and Emery M. Gremillion, donation.

Kevin Drive 5823: Robert A. Dauterive Sr. to Kristine D. Makepeace, donation.

Leonard Ave. 7815: Jacques Bonnette to Kristian Sanchez and Nadia O. Sanchez, $208,000.

Live Oak St. 416: Julio L. Torres and Janet M. Torres to Tyson B. Shofstahl, $530,000.

Mayflower Drive 506: Guillot Building Inc. to Connie Bender and Larry N. Dale, $405,000.

Metairie Club Gardens, no further data: William A. Hines to Liliana C.S. Rosales, donation.

Metairie Court 2705: Gabriel M. Roth to Benjamin J. Bouslog and Mallory Bouslog, $305,500.

Metairie Lawn Drive 2511, unit 306: Stephen M. Baldwin to Joshua H. Weiss, $95,000.

Mulberry Drive 119: Pierre Masperos LLC to Roy E. Frischhertz III and Amanda M. Frischhertz, $100.

N. Atlanta St. 213: Vincent Maenza LLC to Karina J. Matute and Ricardo A. Retana, $217,000.

N. Elm St. 618: Jake B. Lowenhaupt, Patricia T. Lowenhaupt and Gary A. Lowenhaupt to Clarence J. Anglin, $250,000.

Phosphor Ave. 1236: Raymond S. Montalbano Sr. and Elizabeth R.A. Montalbano to Kelley J. Hoffmann, $320,000.

Poinsettia Drive 1504: Vanessa Mitchell and John J. Ross to Ann Brandner and Nicholas S. Brandner, $280,000.

Reich St. 4504: Edith C. Schmidt to Taylor E. Savoie and Matthew L. Calcote, donation.

Richland Ave. 1508: Mark A. Pizzuto to Brian J. Lousteau and Rebekah M.W. Lousteau, $292,000.

Richmond Drive 1104: Rosemary J. Heno, Richard J. Heno, Regina M. Breaux, Jessica L. Heno and Robin H. Guillory to Celso E. Hernandez, $96,000.

Ridgelake Drive 1801: Homestead Investment LLC to Kristin Perry and Ross J. Heidingsfelder, $858,000.

Roman St. 3708: Sheila T. Rusich to Jeffrey D. Coote and Claire E. Gaudet, $315,000.

Rosalie Court 6113: Robert T. Fischer to Garrett B. Jones and Layla A. Jones, $225,000.

Senac Drive 4601: Stephen E. Evans and Adrienne S. Evans to Jeffrey M. Bordelon, $365,000.

St. Mary St. 4644: Ghulam H. Ansary to Huixin Chen and Liqing Tan, $240,000.

Whitney Place condo, unit 217: Richard Beltz and Julie Beltz Living Trust to Keith M. Pyburn Jr. and Barbara S. Pyburn, $83,300.


Darby Lane 8705: Paul W. Brown and Janet B. Soniat to Donald R. Moffett Jr., $275,000.

Douglas Park Extension subdivision, lot 15, square 1: Karen B. Greig and Scot W. Greig to Jacob M. Ranger and Caitlyn L. Ranger, $379,000.

Highland Acres F, lot N, plot B, square 1: Daniel D. Wimprine and Ashley F. Wimprine to Sue E.M. Andrieu, $384,000.

Steamship Circle 2836, unit A: Natasha A.D. Reid and Charles M. Denton to Janice H. Zollinger, $162,000.