February 7, 2023


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A Beautiful Haitian Toile Collection at Schumacher


Some of you might be familiar with Sheila Bridge’s Harlem Toile. She incorporated African-American historic narratives into pattern fabrics. Glemaud created his own twist by designing Toile with Haitian narratives, flowers, and other inspiration.

The word toile is French for linen cloth.

My friend Amy Beaupré from college texted me about the collection. She is a designer at Annie Elliott Design in D.C. Amy knows I have a personal connection to Haiti. My mother is from Haiti and came here in the 1960s. I have always been aware of Haitian culture. After seeing the collection, I decided to order a few sample options. I’m thinking of making pillows but wasn’t sure which color option to go with. 

Recently, the New York Times wrote an article about the history of Haiti. They were the first country to be freed from France and were once an affluent country that produced coffee and sugar. However, with their freedom came a large amount of debt to France and other western civilizations. Their debt has impacted Haiti for over 100 years and has prevented the country from building infrastructure and institutions. According to the New York Times, Haiti has paid over $560 million and lost over $21 billion in economic growth. If you’re looking to learn more about Haiti’s history then I recommend reading the full article here: New York Times article.



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