June 19, 2024


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7 IKEA Canada Home Essentials Under $10 That’ll Help You Relax At The End Of The Workday

It’s time to save! With IKEA Canada, there are so many home essentials that you can get for less than $10 and they can help you make a relaxing space in your house. Plus, you won’t be dishing out a ton of cash.

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If you’re working from home and want a way to decompress at the end of the day or want to chill when you come home from your essential job, this could help you.

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You can find so many items online with IKEA Canada that can help make your home a relaxing space so you can chill at the end of the workday.

Also, you don’t have to go into a store to buy them if stores are closed in your area or you don’t want to venture out.

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Price: $5.99

Details: This is a fleece throw that feels soft against your skin so you can snuggle up under it after a long day and relax.

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Price: $9.99

Details: You can give your feet a soft place to land with this rug that feels like sheepskin but is actually made from recycled bottles.


© IKEA Canada



Price: $9.99

Details: If you don’t have a green thumb and can’t keep a plant alive, this artificial white orchid could help liven up a room.

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© IKEA Canada



Price: $5.99

Details: While this drawing paper roll is listed as a product for kids, that doesn’t mean adults can’t use it to get creative at the end of the workday.

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© IKEA Canada



Price: $4.99

Details: You can use this cushion cover to bring colour into your home.

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© IKEA Canada



Price: $1.99

Details: Does anything say relaxation more than scented candles? This one is so cheap that you can stock up on a bunch and light it up whenever you want that sweet vanilla aroma.

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© IKEA Canada



Price: $7.99

Details: If you’re going to buy a bunch of those candles or already have some at home, this lantern can help set the mood. Also, it just looks cool.

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© IKEA Canada

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