March 5, 2024


Home living innovation

“The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, and the bathroom countertop specifically is the place you’ll spend most of your time getting ready for your days and winding down,” says Margie Kaercher, lead designer of Hearth and Honey Homes. “It’s important for this space to be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing so you can enjoy the time spent here.”

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Of course, replacing a bathroom countertop can quickly add up, costing most homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars. Luckily, even the dingiest of bathroom countertops can be transformed on a budget to look more expensive.

Kaercher suggests waterproof paint as an inexpensive option to update your old bathroom counter. “The same impact paint can have on your walls, it can have on your bathroom counters too,” she says. “This is a super cost-effective upgrade to spruce up your vanity and take years off a dated look.”

She also recommends consulting with a professional, but if you’re up for the project, then Kaercher says to use primer and sealant before and after painting to ensure good results and longevity.

Alexandra Lilly, professional home stager and owner of Alexandra Lilly Interiors, suggests adding peel-and-stick marble contact paper to old countertops to give them a more expensive look without breaking the bank.

“This may hold the most power in elevating your bathroom countertops, and luckily, there are so many affordable and readily available faucet options to take your vanity from builder-grade to fancy-schmancy,” Kaercher explains.

Make sure to confirm the type of faucet your vanity or sink requires for installation. Kaercher says that centerset, widespread, bridge, wall-mount, and single-handle are all common options. “Once you know the type of faucet you’re looking for, Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Lowe’s are just a few convenient spots to start your search,” she adds.

Lilly recommends replacing old faucets with affordable gold and black faucets, which she says can easily be found on Amazon.

Display some decorative pieces and greenery.

“Organization is another fundamental aspect of the bathroom counter that not only looks good, but feels good,” says Kaercher.

Use decorative jars, baskets, boxes, or trays on your bathroom countertop to organize everyday bathroom items. “Cotton balls, Q-tips, and other personal hygiene products can be easily accessible but also discretely disguised as attractive decor,” she says.

Additionally, you can introduce spa-quality towels (which Kaercher says can make or break an overall bathroom experience), flowers, and greenery to bring your space to life. Lilly says a plant or fresh eucalyptus in a vase will do just fine.

Just make sure you don’t clutter your space. “I would also say less is more for bathroom counters,” says Lilly.

“Scent plays its own role in any well-designed space,” explains Kaercher. “It’s linked to the limbic system of our brains, and it has the power to greatly affect our feelings and emotions, including our liking or disliking of a space.”

She suggests finishing your bathroom counter space off with a nontoxic, fresh-smelling, and luxurious-looking candle.