June 19, 2024


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10 Standing Desk Converters to Keep You on Your Feet While Working

It’s common knowledge that sitting for extended periods can wreak havoc on our bodies, damaging our physical health, mental health, and general longevity. If your 9-to-5 requires hovering over a computer, the issue might seem nearly impossible to fix. Even if you’re interested in switching to a standing desk, most will cost you hundreds—even thousands—of dollars, and they may not accommodate small spaces. 

Enter the standing desk converter, a perfect medium between replacing your desk altogether and continuing your sedentary routine. Most resemble a high-tech version of a foldout TV tray with short, adjustable legs that can accommodate nearly any desk or table. Many models come pre-assembled, and the heaviest are around 60 pounds at most. Some can even hold the weight of two computer monitors. The icing on the cake? A typical high-quality converter can be lifted and lowered in seconds, allowing you to shift from sitting to standing and back in a breeze. 

Below, we’ve rounded up our top 10 picks for the best standing desk converters on Amazon, with prices starting at just $39. They’re all rectangular, so they’ll even function perfectly when placed in a corner.

VariDesk Pro Plus 36 Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Yes, the VariDesk Pro Plus is a splurge, but more than 1,900 Amazon shoppers promise it’s worth your money. It can be adjusted to 11 height settings, with the maximum coming in at 17.5 inches. Plus, the spring-loaded standing desk converter uses a lifting mechanism that allows you to maintain your posture while changing its height, and it’ll arrive at your door pre-assembled.

$395, amazon.com

Ergotron 31-Inch WorkFit-Z Sit-Stand Desk

This dual monitor standing desk converter is full of handy features that set it apart, like a height-adjusting lever and discrete slot for holding your phone or tablet. It offers 12.5 inches of vertical lift, and its two-tier design is as compatible with monitors and keyboards as it is with laptops. The base of the Ergotron WorkFit-Z is far more compact than its surface, so it will leave plenty of space on the desk beneath it. 

$199, amazon.com

Flexispot 28-Inch Stand Up Desk Converter

This top-rated standing desk riser packs a major punch for its $100 price tag. The Flexispot’s 28-by-16-inch work surface can be lifted up to 19.7 inches using a single handle. Over 1,900 shoppers have given it a five-star rating, citing elements like its removable keyboard tray and generous 33-pound weight limit as complete game changers.

$100, amazon.com

Seville Classics Airlift Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter

The Seville Classics Airlift standing desk converter has a maximum height of 19.7 inches, which is noteworthy on its own. Things get even better when you factor in its speedy adjustment system, which lifts and lowers the apparatus in seconds. A 36-by-22-inch work surface and separate keyboard tray provide all the space you’ll need.

$180, amazon.com

Fitueyes 30-Inch Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

At $72, the Fitueyes Standing Desk Converter could be one of the most affordable dual monitor options. It adjusts to heights between 2.2 and 16.1 inches, and its slip-resistant base will leave an extremely small footprint on any desk’s surface. Reviewers have called it a “life-saver,” adding that they’re impressed by how sturdy it remains under the weight of two monitors.

$72 (was $85), amazon.com

Fezibo 32-Inch Bamboo Standing Desk Converter

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to a clunky black desk riser, consider the 32-inch bamboo model from Fezibo. The two-tier standing desk converter can rise to a whopping 20.5 inches, and it looks just as good when its legs are fully lowered. Plus, shoppers can take $30 off its original price right now.

$110 (was $140), amazon.com

Rocelco 19-Inch Portable Laptop Riser

This compact laptop standing desk converter has everything you need if you prefer not to use a monitor. It weighs under 7 pounds and folds to less than an inch in height, making it easy to store when not in use. The adjustable riser reaches up to 15 inches, and it even comes with a carrying case that’s sure to be useful when working outside the home is commonplace again.

$86 (was $119), amazon.com

Vivo Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser

Vivo’s standing desk converter is an Amazon best-seller in the desk riser category, and there are plenty of reasons why. A user-friendly lever system lifts it up to 20 inches, and reviewers especially love that it moves straight up and down when adjusting, which takes up less space than options that jut forward as they rise. It’s even available in a stunning white variety for $40 extra.

$120, amazon.com

Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

The Huanuo Adjustable Laptop Stand is by far the cheapest standing desk converter on this list, making it a great no-frills choice for laptop users. It adjusts to nine ergonomic angles between 3.5 and 16.5 inches high, and its non-slip surface fits laptops up to 15.6 inches. It may be small, but the riser’s stainless steel design is as sturdy as they come.

$39 with coupon (was $46), amazon.com

TechOrbits 37-Inch Standing Desk Converter

In need of all the desk space you can get? Check out this TechOrbits standing desk converter, a two-tier riser whose top layer clocks in at 37 inches wide and 16 inches long. The converter is available in black, white, and wood finishes and even comes with a lifetime warranty. Its maximum height of 20 inches makes it versatile, and its built-in phone holder is just the icing on the cake.

$160, amazon.com