December 8, 2023


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Shopping For a Used Car in Japan

Used cars are often a great way to save money and get a great car, but if you plan on buying used cars in Japan, you should be prepared before you go! Many first-time car buyers look for used Japanese cars to “visit” auctions and see what is available. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Used cars come from all over the world, and many have been imported into Japan as well. So your used car will come feature-loaded, with many options. Cheap!

You’ll pay quite a bit more than that, though, when you go to a used car dealer in the west. And more… In this latest article, I’ll cover the top two points to keep in mind as you shop around for a used car in Japan and consider buying another vehicle. This second article will cover what to look for if you are considering buying your next car in Japan.

Japanese Used Car Dealers

Japanese used car dealers are very tightly regulated when it comes to their inventory and their quality control procedures. Anytime that a new-car dealership opens in Japan they must comply with all of the same rules and regulations that apply throughout the world. They also have to have a license from the government to import vehicles and sell them. This is not a problem for used vehicle dealers, but they usually cannot sell to an individual consumer – only to professional auto dealers and car buyers who are authorized by the used car dealer to purchase that particular make and model.

Used Car Exporter

But what happens if you need to find a used car exporter? Your first thought may be to call up your local used car dealer since they might be able to offer you a good price on your new vehicle. While this option might work, you are dealing with a company that is largely dependent upon the amount of money that it can generate in a week to pay off the loan that it has received from its foreign lender. To receive a good price for the used cars you need to contact a dealer that does not have a lot of overhead or a foreign connection.

Used Cars For Sale

There are many sources online for used cars that are being offered for sale. Your best bet is to work directly with a private party that has a lot of experience dealing with Japanese used car dealerships. A lot of these individuals have already established relationships with a variety of these types of auto dealerships. If you do decide to work directly with a private party, it’s important to check out several different websites to ensure that they are legitimate businesses and have been in business for a long period. Some websites even have ratings and reviews posted from other consumers just like you that have worked with that particular dealer.

Another excellent resource for used car dealerships is the Internet. Most major car dealerships have a web presence and a great deal of information can be found on their official website. You can find out everything from general information to used car history to used-car value guides. In addition to the information, you can often view a motor vehicle history report that contains important information regarding the vehicle history of a particular motor vehicle. The majority of these types of reports are readily available for free.