January 28, 2023


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Role of Hub Operators in Direct To Home TV Services

Earlier the TV viewing was restricted to cable connections that failed to provide a clear picture quality and often faced breakdowns in signals. In addition, the color quality and boring dull way of viewing was also not in the hand of the viewer and the only way left was to compromise with what was available. The DTH service came up as a result of advancement in technology in the field of signal perception.Direct to home TV. popularly known as dish TV is a product that is gaining rapid popularity amongst the audience nowadays. This direct broadcast satellite system has changed the style of TV viewing and taken it to another level of picture quality and signals. The DTH signals distinguish the transmissions directly to the users TV through a large sized satellite dish that has to be placed on the terrace or a wide-open area.

These DTH services have not only improved the picture quality but have also attached many other facilities and enhancements to the process. The foremost advantage of Dish connection is that it provides multiple connections through a single satellite reception. The dish signal is connected with the TV through a set up box, which comprises all its features like live TV recording, channel directory, online payment, language choice, channel package and many more. This set top box is also known as hub operator that carries an inbuilt hard disk that has the capacity to digitally record long hours of HD programmes. It also facilitates dual tuner that allows watching more then one channel at a time. It helps the viewers to have more control over their TV viewing along with facilities like hassle free recording, broadband internet access, two way interactivity, and many more.

Just as the process and quality of radio broadcasting grew over the time through improvements in technology and experienced large number of radio stations from few AM and FM channels in the same way, introduction of DTH changed the face of TV broadcasting. DTH has provided viewers with plenty of options in TV viewing and have set them free from the compromise they had to make with the channel choices and picture quality. Nowadays, many companies are rising in the market of direct to home TV and making continuous improvisations in these products. They continuously add more striking and useful features to the hub operators or set top box as per the feedbacks and requirements of the viewers.