April 12, 2024


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What to do if you’re Condo Association Management companies fail?

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So there were kind promises at the very start. Smiles were being passed and accompanying them were cups of sweet vows. You had not the slightest of the hint of what lies behind those pretentious veils. And then it started happening after a few months. All those promises started to shiver and fall. Sounds familiar? It happens a lot in the case of condo association management companies. You go for an HOA management so things could come in place, but it happens otherwise. People need to know more about, Worth Ross says, what they can do in such situations. Indeed! Thus this article speaks about all the possibilities.

What to do in case of bad Condo Association Management Companies?

Sometimes we keep our expectations high and then over judge an entity. So, to know what bad means, we first must know what good means. Good Condo Association Management Companies often wear these qualities:

  • They keep proper maintenance of dorms and common areas.
  • Receiving of rent on time; forcing late fee in case of delay; forcing penalties in case of damages done by people.
  • Proper record keeping and maintenance.
  • Marketing the vacant properties and checking or screening the new tenants for any faulty backgrounds.
  • Listening to the problems of tenants and pay attention to them.
  • Taking care of tenant law and local law regarding HOA and Condos.
  • Keep observing for any violation in the community and taking care of it.
  • Maintaining proper communication between the tenants and the board.
  • Are not present in case of an emergency.

These are some of the basic of what a good Condo or HOA management companies do. Now, a bad management company would do just the opposite. They would make delays in listening to the grievances, making proper repairs, not taking care of proper laws, enter the tenants’ house without giving a prior notice, forgery and frauds and embezzlement, etc.

So what to do when things go wrong?

What can you do?

The first step would always be to inform the management company about where they are lacking and how they should not work. But chances are that they would rarely pay any heed. So the next step would be to contact the owner of the management company in case the problem lies in the workforce alone.

Then the next step would be to sue the local real estate association. Why? They hold their license there.

If there was a no-cause termination agreement between, then you have less work to do. However, hire an attorney if you are bound by some contract.

Now it is time to look for a good management company. We already have discussed above how good Condo Association Management Companies behave. But it does not mean that you’d be able to know it all before. There are ways to know beforehand if the condo or HOA Management Company is good or flawed. If you do not know it already then search some basics of it. You’d not want to fall in the foul hands one more time. Worth Ross suggests going for the expertise alone. Experts always hold the wisdom gained through the past and are always futuristic too. They stay up to date regarding everything, even technology. Know more about Worth Ross and how gracefully they handle the HOAs and Condos.