March 5, 2024


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The Trending Colours for 2023 

Colour trends for 2023 | G-Pulse

Those who know about colours, know that palettes are more than just a great way to spice up the appearance of your home. Colours have a symbolic meaning, and they’re also closely related to recent fads and cultural trends. That is why an informed colour expert, such as one of our talented team at Dawnvale, will tell you that the best colour palettes for the year of 2023 are those that draw on natural vibes and hues. Now, let us explain why…

Why Natural Tones?

The year 2023 will be a busy one, with many milestones already in sight. Therefore, the best colour palettes for the year of 2023 are those that are based on natural tones. This means that they are soft, calming, and easy to incorporate into any space. Natural tones are also versatile and work with a wide range of other hues. Not only that but natural tones are easy to maintain and don’t require any extreme upkeep. If you want your home to reflect the busy but welcoming feel of the next few years, then natural tones are your best bet.

What does natural mean in colour context?

As we said, natural tones are a mix of warm and earthy colours. These aren’t the bright and vibrant colours that are usually associated with celebrations and parties, but rather the subtle, easy to miss tones that are found in nature. As such, natural tones are a combination of greens, browns, and muted blues. If you want to add a natural touch to your home, then you need to choose the best colour palette for the year of 2023.

Which hues are trending for 2023?

If you want to know the best colour palette for 2023, then you need to check out the current colour trends. And this year’s top hue is: Greenery. This brings us back to our previous point about how earth tones are both easy to maintain and draw on natural vibes. Greenery is easy to maintain because it doesn’t require frequent repainting. It also draws on natural vibes because it is associated with forests, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. Greenery is also one of the easiest hues to incorporate into home design because it comes in so many different variations. You can choose everything from calm greens to vibrant, tropical tones.

Greenery is the key colour for 2023

As we said, greenery is one of the top colours for 2023. However, that doesn’t mean that the only good colour palette for the year 2023 is green. Instead, greenery is the key colour for 2023 because it combines with all of the other top hues for maximum design impact.

Other colours we expect to see during 2023: Fresh Blue and Rich Red

We’ve already explained what greenery is and why it’s important. However, there are other hues that go hand in hand with greenery and help create the coveted colour palette of the year 2023. Fresh blue is the main complementary hue, as it is naturally found in forests as well as being an easy shade to incorporate into home design. Finally, rich red is an accent colour that we expect to see a lot more of next year.

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