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The Ideal Massage Guns of 2021

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No matter if you’re another person who likes to sweat it out on a yoga mat or get zen with a meditation app, there is one point we can all agree on: Anxiety stages are high, and we all are worthy of a massage. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go to a spa or have a masseuse in the relatives to get all of these knots out of your muscle tissue if you spend in a massage gun.

We tested 8 of the most common massage guns, ranging in value from $119 to $399 to find the very best kinds for your funds. Our most loved: the Theragun Elite (out there at Amazon) since of its ergonomic design, selection of pace solutions, and Bluetooth connectivity with its accompanying app. But our prime price range-welcoming pick, the Vybe Professional (obtainable at Amazon), has a whole lot to give as effectively.

These are the best massage guns we tested rated, in buy:

  1. Therabody Theragun Elite
  2. Hyperice Hypervolt
  3. Vybe Professional Percussion Massage Gun
  4. Therabody Theragun Mini
  5. ExoGun DreamPro
  6. Ekrin B37
  7. Sportneer K1 Percussive Massage Gun
  8. FlyBy F1Professional

How We Analyzed

The Tester

Hi, I’m Kate, the senior social media supervisor at Reviewed and resident fitness fanatic. As an avid runner and all-about athlete, I’m employed to aches and pains, and my different athletic endeavors depart me with a lot of sore muscle tissue to are inclined to. I have tested all kinds of physical fitness gear, from running watches to leggings, and wanted to do a further dive on massage guns immediately after striving out a few various types final year.

The Exams

Julia MacDougall, Reviewed’s senior scientist, served me put together a sequence of checks to examine each and every massage guns efficacy. In the tests, I regarded as a multitude of factors with just about every therapeutic massage gun, which include ergonomic style and simplicity of use, as perfectly as items like how several intensity options and attachments they experienced, the quantity of drive each and every gun provides, and their battery lifestyle. I also factored in reward capabilities like companion applications and tutorial video clips, which can enhance your massage gun use, and wrote down my normal views on how effectively each individual helped with muscle recovery.

What You Need to Know About Therapeutic massage Guns

You’ve probable noticed all people from professional athletes to Justin Bieber working with these futuristic-wanting units. Simply set, a massage gun is a handheld electric software that enables you to utilize vibration and percussion therapy to muscle tissues to enhance blood circulation in the region. This accelerates muscle restoration and helps minimize write-up-exercise routine soreness and stiffness or, conversely, can assistance loosen up cold muscle tissue right before you exercise. Every massage gun has a variety of attachments and a vary of intensity configurations so you can are inclined to tension any place on your physique, from your greater muscle mass teams like quads and hamstrings, down to your calves and wrists.

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In other words, if you’ve at any time applied a foam roller, you can assume a similar impact, but leveled all the way up. The two are forms of self myofascial launch, that make the fascia encompassing your muscles far more pliable, hence increasing mobility.

But massage guns are not only for health and fitness center rats and athletes: Any one who enjoys a therapeutic massage can gain from this tool. Even though, if you might be utilizing it as a restoration resource and you aren’t an elite athlete underneath a trainer’s supervision, you may also want to work in a rest working day a rest working day or two to assure your muscles are recovering properly.

How To Use a Therapeutic massage Gun

Employing a massage gun is easy—during testing, the toughest part for me was locating the “on” button. The the greater part of corporations who make these products and solutions offer you “how-to” films and typically have applications that present you which attachment and placing to try out on each individual portion of your body. The key metric to pay back awareness to with massage guns are its percussions per minute (PPM), which is the speed variety of the motor. The greater the PPM, the far more force you are most likely to really feel when utilizing the therapeutic massage gun (most therapeutic massage guns max out at 2400 PPM).

There is variation of speeds in every brand name, but all therapeutic massage guns get started at a lower velocity and go to a substantial vibration. Most of the reduce speeds are built for warming up the muscle groups, mid-variety speeds aim on rest, and the best speeds are about getting into the deep tissue. The fundamental recommendations are to maintain the gun in just one hand and trace the size of the specific muscle mass, and if you have a sore place, keep it in location on that place right up until you feel the knot dissipate.

Most massage guns we examined arrived with a couple various attachments. Whilst some had a lot more than many others, they all had some typical kinds bundled. The most common attachment is the dampener, which looks a minimal flatter than a ball. This is intended to be made use of all over the physique, specifically on more tender or bony places. The conventional ball attachment, which, indeed, just appears like a ball, is meant for overall use on each much larger and smaller sized muscle mass teams. A cone attachment, which just seems like a little site visitors cone to set on your therapeutic massage gun, is for pinpointing distinct problems spots like knots in your back again, as perfectly as your hands and toes. A forked or pronged attachment is meant for massage alongside your spine. When these attachments do not appear with each one massage gun, they have been the 4 most preferred we uncovered in tests.

A 2014 analyze found that vibration therapy can decrease delayed onset muscle mass soreness (DOMS) and let you to regain complete assortment of movement more quickly. Though percussion remedy has the identical advantages, it reaches 60% further into muscle tissues, therefore supplying deeper massage-like gains. But it is usually very best to converse with your doctor to start with if you have any issues about no matter whether or not you should be applying a massage gun. In the case of strains, sprains, damaged bones, or inflammation accidents, the use of a massage gun is not advisable.

Who Need to Get a Massage Gun?

Were being these massage guns refreshing to use soon after my exercise sessions and long runs? Sure. Had been they substantially diverse than making use of a foam roller? Not so considerably.

The main charm of a therapeutic massage gun is that you can get into muscles that are generally tough to roll out, like traps and triceps, or the bottom of your ft, making use of the exact same software. Normally, you can get related aid from rolling out on a foam roller or rolling out your toes on a tennis ball. But if you want to deal with all of these troubles with a person instrument, and lie on the couch while recovering, then a therapeutic massage gun is worthwhile. Massage guns are also great for non-athletes who just want to sense the muscle reduction of a therapeutic massage without the need of the headache of going to a masseuse, or for people today who aren’t in a position to or really don’t want to roll all-around on the flooring on a foam roller.

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