May 27, 2024


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“Right Size” Home Checklist: An Organized Way to Find Your Perfect New Home


By Rita Wilkins
The Downsizing Designer

Are you happy with the house you are currently living in?

Or do you find yourself complaining:

It’s too big, it’s too much work!

It’s too small, there’s never enough room!

How many of you would say your home is just right?

Do you find yourself saying “I wish I had…”

fewer bedrooms or more bedrooms.

fewer bathrooms or more bathrooms.

a smaller kitchen or larger kitchen.

Bottom line: There’s probably no “perfect home” that fits every stage of your life.

When lives change, our lifestyle needs to change.

“Rightsizing” is all about lifestyle.

  • What “right-size” house or location fits you right now as a growing family, an empty nester, or a retiree looking for a simpler life?
  • Do you find yourself wondering what is a “right-size” house for you right now?
  • How big of a house or how small of a house do you really need to start over?

This blog is intended to help you determine what does “right-size” for you means right now.


1.   Assess your current home

A. What do you like about it?

      • Open floor plan
      • Eat-in kitchen
      • Plenty of closet space

B. What do you not like about it?

      • 2nd-floor master suite
      • Too many unused rooms
      • Inconvenient laundry

C. What do you wish you had if you were in the perfect home for your lifestyle right now?

      • Dedicated home office
      • More efficient storage
      • More natural light


2.   Assess your budget and affordability

A. Your current home

      • It’s getting too expensive to maintain.

B. Your right size home

      • Project your needs for the next 5, 10 ,15 years.


3. Assess what matters most to you

A.     Non-negotiable (can’t live without)

      • Safe neighborhood
      • Proximity to family and grandchildren
      • Natural light

B. Negotiable (you could live without)

      • Big kitchen
      • Dedicated home office
      • Formal dining room


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4. Assess current lifestyle

      • You work out daily at the gym.
      • You walk to restaurants, shops, entertainment.
      • You travel multiple times every year.

Write down what you would like to do if you lived in a different house, different community, or different location.


      • A clubhouse where you can meet new friends and enjoy new activities.
      • A community with more people in your age group.


5. Assess your current location versus your ideal location


      • Need to get into the car to go anywhere.
      • Too far to see your kids and grandchildren regularly.

Ideal or desired location:

      • No need to get into a car to go to restaurants or local stores.
      • No need to travel long distances to see your kids and grandchildren.


6. Assess your future needs

      • Current Home: too costly to maintain, upcoming major repairs
      • Desired Home: low maintenance, energy-efficient, new construction/new for seeable expensive repairs


7. Assess future lifestyle: your wants, needs, and “wish list”

      • More freedom to travel
      • More time with family and friends
      • The potential need for aging in place

Whether you are in your…

  • 20s to 30s looking for your first home.
  • 40s to 50s looking for a larger home to raise your growing family.
  • 60’s to 70’s looking to downsize your home for retirement.

As we move through these various life stages and circumstances, our housing and lifestyle needs naturally change. These transitions are emotional and finding the “right-size” home to fit the needs for that stage of life is part of the journey.

Remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Nor is smaller necessarily better.

What really matters when you are looking for a “right-size” home is what works for you right now.

Download my free Right Size Home Checklist to help you decide what’s best for you right now.

You can schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with me if you have any questions regarding right-sizing, downsizing, and decluttering.

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