June 20, 2024


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Resurface Countertops in a Weekend with Real Stone


Granite countertop featuring white LuxRock coating from Daich Coatings
The LuxROCK Good Surface Granite Countertop Package creates final results that rival a professional granite countertop installation, at just a fraction of the cost.

HAMILTON, Ontario – Resurfacing counter tops is easy with the newest Diy solution from Daich Coatings.

The LuxROCK Strong Floor Granite Countertop Kit enables home owners to insert a clean, granite surface more than laminate, concrete, plywood, MDF, stone, pre-coated and sound surface area countertops, tables and vanities. It addresses 40 sq. ft and retails for $299.

“This quick four-stage Diy course of action totally revolutionizes how consumers can sidestep high-priced and complicated processes of introducing serious granite or stable area slabs to their houses,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “Using the objects in the kit, any current flat floor can be upgraded in just one weekend. The outcome is a deluxe new stone floor that seems to be and performs just like serious granite.”

In accordance to Daich, the completed product’s higher-conclude visual appearance has a sleek richness that rivals a professional granite countertop set up, at just a portion of the selling price.

Roll On Actual Granite Richness

Every single LuxROCK Solid Floor Granite Countertop Kit features a prime coat, stone coats, distinct epoxy and a distinct coat end. Resources desired for the task are involved in the package.

“LuxROCK is a purposeful and attractive blend of real stone, with gorgeous mineral highlights,” states Daich. “This challenge is exceptionally straightforward, and you do not need any creative or technological skills to make the countertop resurfacing undertaking a good results.

“The finest issue is that this is an particularly cost-effective way to get genuine granite surface tops devoid of the exorbitant value of putting in slabs of granite. There is no prolonged hold out time or messy building with this kit. And, you are not locked into the shade! If you want to transform it in a number of several years, just use an additional countertop kit!”

Named immediately after authentic granite stones, the hues obtainable in the LuxROCK kits incorporate Galaxy Black, Platinum White, Basalt Mist (a darkish gray), Crystal Quartz (a mild grey) and Carrara (a creamy beige).

Countertop resurfaced with LuxRock coating from Daich Coatings
LuxROCK authentic stone surfaces resist stains, heat and impact.

Weekend Transformation

“LuxROCK is a innovative real stone countertop resurfacing technique,” claims Daich. “If you can use a paintbrush, you can transform your surfaces into luxuriously sleek, sound glowing granite beauty that will basically amaze you.

“Best of all, you will conserve hundreds of bucks compared to setting up standard stone slabs. Forget the hassles, supply chain difficulties and labor hassles. In just one weekend, you can brush on your personal reliable surface granite countertop!”

LuxROCK genuine stone surfaces resist stains, warmth and effects. Software of the item has very low odor and lower unstable natural compounds. Sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops do not want to be removed prior to applying this item to laminates, concrete, plywood, MDF, pre-coated and sound surfaces. The ultimate LuxROCK surface area is food stuff harmless.

Options of Sleek or Textured Finish

Daich Coatings also offers its first SpreadStone Mineral Choose Countertop Kit, which provides a textured granite end on counter tops in 11 colours. The countertop resurfacing package sells for $125 and handles 40 square feet.

The change concerning the two kits is in the finish. The new kit has a greater stone content and presents a refined glimpse that resembles a modern, smooth stone slab end.

Equally the LuxROCK Sound Surface area Granite Countertop Kit and the SpreadStone Mineral Choose Countertop Kit, along with other Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete items, are accessible at The Household Depot and https://www.daichcoatings.com, among other destinations.


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