December 8, 2023


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Quick Guide: Accent Chair Placements

Set your comfortable accent chair or footstools in quiet isolated areas where they can be focal points. Another approach would be to create a perfect reading spot by positioning a small table alongside your accent chair. Look for pairs of accent chairs to place opposite your main sofas or alternate between them to create a welcoming conversational ambiance.

Learn more on where else you can put these specific accent chair styles in your home.


General Accent Chair Placement

For visual interest, place one wing chair at each end of the table. You’ll have a beautiful and elegant dining room to entertain your guests if you combine it with traditional dining chairs and a bench. This is probably not the first name that comes to mind when it comes to bathroom design, but if your space allows for it, consider adding some functional seating in the form of a lovely chair and ottoman.

Place a lovely occasional chair in your powder room to give your guests a small spot to put their apparel and personal items. By grouping two or more accent chair pieces, you can create a conversation area that is ideal for entertaining guests or curling up with a good book on your own.

The Club Chair

A room yarn-upholstered armchair with extra-deep seats is suitable for taking a book or snuggling into it when you curl up. In the past, there’s a good chance that you may find this accent chair to be and possibly occupied, by a satisfied customer.

With its stylish name frequently invoked, this stool was designed in the Parisian style studios or undistinguished clubs, hence its name.

The seating category comes in a variety of fabrics and colors, and it pairs well with other furniture pieces in small apartments. As part of a set, the club accent chair serves as a focal point for a cozy nook or an ideal seating niche for the living room.

You can choose vinyl or leather-sown, or upholstery on a nail head trim for the construction. Also, you can have both options available to you.


The Slipper Chair

With finished upholstery and diminish arms, this accent chair has a miniature design. With that, you will find yourself more likely to be located close to the ground than you are used to when seated. If you’re concerned about space, slipper chairs are great to have.

Many 18th century and 19th-century ladies were in the habit of slipping on their shoes after an event. That said, they wanted an easy chair because of this, and this was how the accent chair was born.

For someone petite, this is definitely the seating area of choice. They can be challenging to manage for tall people, and they are potentially a curse for short people. Next to a coffee table, this accent chair works well and can also be used as extra seating.

The Wingback Chair

Its distinctive teardrop-shaped winged sides and typically high back make it an easily recognizable accent chair. A wing-back chair complement well with the large sofas in a room, and they efficient work well since they offset each other.

This accent chair should be located near a fireplace. The chair’s side wings’ original intention was to shield the user from drafts and cold. The design can also be attributed to a throne-like aesthetic and can be matched with elegant draperies.

In the middle of a dining table, these wedge-shaped chairs possess something dignified about them, and their form adds seriousness to the act of eating.

Most armchairs, or wing-back chairs, are large and heavy, so they can be difficult to move around. It is convenient for the placement to be semi-permanent.


The Bergère

This regal accent chair furniture piece can be easily spotted as a focal point. We can attribute this to the exposed woodwork around the upholstered seat and back. The Bergere’s modern design included loose fabric, which provides a certain amount of flexibility, making it less formal.

This accent chair is frequently paired with a sofa or sits alongside a matching ottoman.

Bringing class to incredibly contemporary rooms Their adaptability speaks to the sturdiness of these accent chairs.

In history, Bergères, one of the staple loaves of bread of 17th-century French palace cuisine, is a common American dining room today.


In conclusion, accent chairs not only provide extra seating but serve as new design enhancements to a room.

For that reason, we’ve gathered popular and most ideal locations where you can place your accent chair pieces.

We understand in Yorkshire Fabric shop that where you’ll place your accent chair will depend on space’s arrangement and where you’d like to put it. Because it creates a sense of warmth, it should make the room inviting and well-organized.