May 28, 2022


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MY AMISH HOME: A weekend of memories that will last a lifetime | Home & Garden

Well, turns out, it was Lloyds who picked us up and we went toward Miltons. Lloyd figured we’d stop and see if “they are ready, so we can go together.” He went in; no, they aren’t ready, but we shall just go in to wait. I was so clueless, and yet, I saw that they had put up a rope to tie up horses. What? Oh, well – we went in, then they say, “Happy Anniversary!” Well! They had invited family and friends. All our grandchildren were present. We were overwhelmed.

When I wanted to eat ice cream, Jane cautioned me – you might not want to eat too much. The day isn’t over yet. What?

Granddaughter Margaret told me they were leaving. I asked if they were coming to our house for supper. She got this funny look on her face, then Rachel told me we are all going to the Yoder’s for supper.

The whole kit and caboodle? Yep! Everyone. There were 40 of us. Five generations were present. It was so special that all the grandchildren were there. Well, one of the granddaughters had an obligation she felt she had to keep.

We were all together on Sunday for dinner at Lloyds. They outdid themselves in planning this memorable day.

We had a delicious dinner of fried turkey (deep-fried in the turkey fryer), mashed potatoes, gravy, etc., etc.

We sang, played games, ate snacks and had a good time.