December 8, 2023


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How to clean up your houseplants

Winter is a hard time for gardeners given that it is extremely hard to get exterior. However, now is a ideal time to give your houseplants some appreciate and awareness. As the days get extended, houseplants start out their progress spurts. Here are some strategies on how you can thoroughly clean up your houseplants.

a person holding a flower pot: A woman cutting old leaves with scissors.

© Inna Reznik, Getty Visuals/iStockphoto
A lady cutting old leaves with scissors.

Trimming. Many of our homes are on the dry side. Many vegetation respond by forming brown leaf suggestions. You can trim off brown leaf tips on plants this sort of as corn crops, palms, and spider crops. You can improve humidity in your home by using humidifiers or placing containers on a tray with pebbles and drinking water.


Pruning. Several houseplants can advantage from a very little spring pruning. Cut back leggy branches on houseplants this sort of as decorative fig and umbrella plants. You can even shorten a plant by cutting it back again by a single third.

Ferns. If you brought Boston ferns indoors for the winter, now’s a very good time to carefully transform them upside down and give them a excellent shaking, then trim useless stems underneath. They will repay you with new development.

Fertilize. Give your houseplants a dose of h2o-soluble, normal-objective fertilizer to jumpstart them for spring.

A tiny tender loving treatment now will make your houseplants prosper — and give you a gardening correct even though you hunker down indoors. 

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