November 30, 2022


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Considering Adding Skylights To Your Home? Use A Professional!


Skylights have been a common choice for home owners for decades. Finished appropriately, skylights look great and are an excellent resource of purely natural sunlight, which can contribute to reduce electricity expenditures. Nevertheless, if there is the smallest slip-up in measurements or set up and you could working with leaks. To stay clear of leaks, skylight set up is a residence advancement job most effective still left to the pros.

Becoming common with all aspects of your roof, which include skylights, a roof contractor is a wonderful decision to install your skylights suitable the very first time!

Skylights are NOT Leaky By Mother nature

Skylight’s aren’t supposed to leak, they’re produced to be set up on your roof and thus are designed to stand up to the features. Most difficulties with skylights practically usually originate with a error in installation or owing to yrs of neglect.

Roof Contractors prevent skylight leaks by pinpointing and correcting problem areas through installation and with regular inspections throughout the calendar year.  Armed with know-how and practical experience,  they are addressing these problems before set up, which will ensure leak-cost-free skylights for quite a few years to appear.

The Major Induce Of Skylight Leaks

Very poor installation is the quantity a single cause of skylight leaks. Skylight set up is a intricate system with a big selection of difficulties that can manifest. Though modern skylights have some areas pre-mounted (flashing for instance) earning issues fairly a lot easier, installation need to be exact, even the smallest faults can bring about leaks.

The complexity of skylight installation warrants qualified attention. Anything significantly less and you possibility many years of harming leaks and wasted dollars.

Skylight Upkeep Following Set up

Skylights are not a “set it & forget it” factor. Like the rest of your roof, frequent inspections and servicing is vital to acquiring dilemma-totally free skylights. After your skylights are in, you are going to require to continue to keep an eye on them and have them inspected with the rest of your roof.

You want to continue to keep your skylights absolutely free of debris, together with ice, snow, leaves, sticks and other matters that can hamper the drainage all over the skylight.

Obvious any debris that may possibly make up on the roof as they lead to leaks not only by means of the skylight but as a result of siding, loose shingles, and other locations of the roof. Hold your gutters clear for highest efficiency.

Air flow

If you observe condensation on your skylight, it might not be the skylight leaking, you may simply just have an improperly vented room in the residence. Condensation from bogs or sunshine rooms can be controlled by employing dehumidifiers in these rooms or by owning proper ventilation set up. Assure all rooms, primarily those people inclined to major condensation pursuits this sort of as bathrooms and kitchens are correctly ventilated.

If you suspect your might have a leaking skylight or if you are all set for new skylights to brighten your household, in the Metro Atlanta area  call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today at 770-419-2222. You can have leak-free of charge skylights!


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