December 4, 2023


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6 Tips On How To Choose Auger Bits


When it arrives to electricity applications, the correct accessory can make the big difference concerning a occupation well carried out and an complete mess. In purchase to get the best outcomes out of your drill, you require to pair it with the proper bits. If you have been employing your drill for any length of time, likelihood are you’ve come throughout a task that calls for an auger bit. These specialized instruments permit you to drill via thick wooden devoid of leaving any evidence that you have been there at all. No matter whether you’re drilling deep holes or making shallow cuts, auger bits are excellent for leaving clear holes in a variety of products.

There are several factors to take into account when picking out auger bits & applications at Sydney Equipment for your future venture. Beneath are some guidelines that will enable you pick out the finest device for the occupation.

1. Depends on the content

Right before picking an auger little bit for your job, it is critical to take into consideration what form of wooden or product you are going to be drilling into. For case in point, if you are doing work with a softwood like pine or cedar, a spiral auger or dual-spur auger might do the trick.

Measurement and variety of wood – This is the most important aspect when picking out an auger bit. The dimensions of the auger bits relies upon on the measurement and thickness of the wooden that you’re working on. For example, if you are heading to drill into a major piece of hardwood, you are going to require a more time and thicker auger little bit. The same goes for scaled-down parts of softwood.

2. Positioning

It is also critical to take into account how you are going to posture your workpiece when deciding upon an auger bit. Some bits are built for vertical drilling when other folks are built for horizontal drilling. If you’re not confident which course you’ll be drilling in, it’s most effective to invest in a few distinct styles so that you can be ready no matter what comes about!

3. Velocity

You are going to also want to imagine about how speedy or slow you want your drill to go when picking out an auger little bit. Quicker speeds will cut by softer woods a lot more easily than slower speeds will slash by harder woods like oak or maple tree trunks! After you’ve determined on the drill bit kind, appear at its shaft size and all round shape. A for a longer period shaft can give more access for your challenge, but keep in brain that far too prolonged could make it tricky to manage the drill as properly. Equally, selecting involving straight and curved shafts will rely on how much stability you want while working–straight bits are usually much easier to manage but significantly less comfortable than curved ones.

4. Have a Funds in Mind

When it comes to selecting auger bits, it’s critical that you have a funds in intellect prior to you get started procuring all over. Some auger bits can be relatively pricey, so it’s greatest if you know how a lot you’re willing to spend ahead of you start out on the lookout close to at your options. Know What You Will Be Doing work on

Dependent on what variety of woodworking initiatives you will be operating on, 1 kind of auger little bit may possibly work better than an additional. For occasion, some pieces of wooden are softer than some others and may well need a distinct style of auger little bit.

5. Know your drill

The to start with issue to continue to keep in brain is that auger bits are developed particularly for use with hand drills. You can use them with electric power drills, but they’ll put on out quickly. The reverse is true as well—spade bits are not meant to be made use of with a hand drill, so when you are searching for your tools, continue to keep people dissimilarities in thoughts.

6. Take into consideration the model

Auger bits arrive in two kinds: regular and “long ship.” Common is the most widespread design and it is suited for general use. If you have to have something lengthier than 8 inches, on the other hand, take into account finding “long ship” augers alternatively. These have extended shanks than common augers, so they are more strong and they can attain further into the wood than shorter choices.


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