December 4, 2023


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5 Vastu tips to create a harmonious entrance to your home


If initially impressions make lasting impressions, the style and design of the main door is 1 of the vastukar’s 1st criteria while examining a property. “As the only entrance and exit point of the home, this is an power centre that will attract both equally pals and abundance, if plotted accurately,” notes Vastukar Neeta Sinha, from Mumbai-based AstroArchitecture.

Door Direction

“Traditional Vastu practitioners are very firm about only recommending the north-east as the great door direction,” Sinha says, incorporating that “as the Shastras ended up penned in historical instances, exactly where other than fireplace, the solar was the only resource of light, that’s why building a composition revolved all over the highest utilization of natural mild.”

Again, properties with doors facing the south are considered inauspicious according to Vastu, but Sinha cites the Taj Mahal Lodge and the Grand Hyatt, two luxurious inns in Mumbai that have entries on the south, and nonetheless have been profitable ventures. “For that issue, South Mumbai has always been the organization hub and wealthiest component of the metropolis, so a Vastukar can not forecast the destiny of the place by its path on your own,” Sinha says.

Fast ahead to up to date apartments in higher-increase structures that simply cannot adhere to these types of slender limitations, she says, “I have noticed bad luck putting properties with north-east entries, and homes with a south entry flourishing. So in my knowledge, any entrance could be as favourable as long as the ambience in a residence is nicely well balanced.”

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Hanging a Nameplate

Even Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity or Lady Luck, wants a nudge in the right path, Sinha feels. She suggests asserting your total identify and flat selection on a nameplate and generating it as conspicuous as doable when hung on the entrance door.


Clearing the Path

Assure the cleanliness of the entrance, regardless of whether it is on the outdoors or the inside of. The doorway requires to be properly-taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. That is, it really should not have any key cracks or put on and tear, need to not make any creaking noises even though opening or closing, and so on.

Beautify the Doorstep

You will usually uncover a rangoli painted and toran hanging outside a Hindu residence, particularly through Diwali. “The more pious and welcoming the entrance is, the additional luck it will entice,” Sinha advises. Even if you are not notably non secular, decorating your doorstep with vibrant components or residing plants should do the trick, the Vastukar says.


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