May 27, 2024


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40 Things That Instantly Make Your Home Look A Lot Better For Under $35 On Amazon

Upgrading your dwelling space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With just a few simple additions that cost less than $35, you can instantly give your home a new look and feel. Small changes can make a major impact on the aesthetic of your living space, transforming its overall vibe within minutes. So, if you’re looking for a change that doesn’t cost much, check out these Amazon products that instantly make your home look a lot better.

Whether you place a magnetic knife holder on your kitchen wall, lay an area rug to your living room, or toss a cozy throw blanket across your bed, your home will quickly feel more relaxing and functional. How about a car waxer, or even a set of furniture markers that can help fix scratches in wood? Easy-fix items such as these can be of immense value, helping to alleviate the need for a car detail shop or handyman while making your home look really good at the same time.

To simplify your shopping experience, I’ve created a list of some of Amazon’s best home improvement items. And, the best part is that they’re all affordable, which means you won’t have to empty your wallet to begin revamping.

As you scroll through, you’re sure to find plenty of things you need — along with just as many you probably never knew you did. No matter what you choose, each option will be a great contribution to making your new home upgrading project a total breeze.


The Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder Made Of Walnut Wood

This magnetic knife holder is the perfect accessory for any kitchen. It’s crafted with walnut hardwood that’s durable and polished. This product comes with all of the necessary hardware as well as instructions to mount it.


A Pot & Pat Organizer That Can Expand To Fit Your Space

Instead of balancing your pots and pans in a pile inside your cabinet, place them into this expandable organizer. It’s made of iron, so it’s durable — and the dividers inside are adjustable to fit pots and pans of various sizes.


This Set Of Refrigerator Liners To Keep Your Shelves & Drawers Clean

Place these liners into your refrigerator drawers for an easy way to keep things clean and fresh-smelling. Each one is made of material that prevents mold and absorbs moisture. They’re additionally BPA, PVA-free, and well ventilated to help prevent your produce from going bad. This set includes a total of six mats that can be trimmed to fit your fridge’s shelves and drawers.


These Gap Fillers For The Space Between Your Stove & Countertops

Prevent spills and debris from falling into the crevices of your kitchen with these gap fillers. They’re made of food-grade, heat resistant silicone and stay perfectly in place once cut and situated. Offered in black and white, they’re easy to clean and remove when desired.


This Collection Of Succulents That’ll Liven-Up Your Home

This set of succulents are sure to add beauty and liveliness to your home. The pack of five offers an assortment of easy-care greenery that can be placed anywhere around your dwelling space. Each plant in this set comes in a two-inch pot, ready for use.


The Wood Markers That Help Correct Imperfection In Your Furniture

This kit will do an amazing job of prolonging the life of your furniture. It includes 13 markers and wax sticks along with a sharpener. Each set comes with maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black to help you fill in nicks, dings, and imperfections in minutes.


A Storage Cart That’s Slim Enough To Fit In Small Spaces

Use this slim cart for storage in smaller spaces such as your bathroom or laundry room. It’s lightweight and comes with wheels, so you can roll it to any location you desire. The black color is stylish and modern to fit in easily with your home’s existing decor.


The Adhesive Marble Paper That Spruces Up Any Surface

This self-adhesive marble liner has so many miraculous uses. It can be used in cabinets, drawers, bookcases, on countertops, and more. The design is pristine, while the paper itself is easy to cut and apply.


This Set Of LED Strip Lights That Can Change Colors

Place these light strips in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room for a fun and entertaining light show. They offer multiple colors, six modes, and two speeds so you can customize your room’s look and feel via remote. Each piece is linkable to extend as long as you’d like, and they can also be trimmed if you need a shorter fit.


A Non-Slip Bamboo Mat That Dries Fast

Eco-friendly and natural, this bamboo mat is great for use outside of your shower, sauna, or kitchen. It features an anti-slip bottom and is water-resistant (as well as comfortable under your feet). The ventilated design ensures that it’ll dry quickly after use, and the neutral coloring means it will look amazing in any home.


The Satin Sheet Set That Comes In A Variety Of Vibrant Colors

This four-piece satin sheet set can work wonders on your hair and skin as you sleep. They ensure less tangling and dryness of your strands since they don’t absorb moisture. Each set comes with a flat sheet, a deep-pocketed fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Choose the best of many colors.

  • Available sizes: Twin – California King


A Sofa Arm Tray With Room For Your Tablet, Phone, & A Drink

Install this caddy on the armrest of your chair or sofa for easy access to your must-have items while you relax. There are built-in spaces for your tablet, phone, and a drink — and the flexible siding made with wooden panels drapes over the cushion effortlessly.


A Colorful Toilet Night Light That’s Motion-Activated

This LED toilet light is fun for the whole family. It features motion-sensor detection, so it automatically activates when someone gets near and allows you to choose between eight different colors or select a color-cycle for changing lights. This product is easy to install and use, operating on three AAA batteries.


This Bronze Shelving Unit That Fits Over Your Toilet

Need some extra shelves in your bathroom? Just add this over-the-toilet unit. Not only is it useful for storing toiletries, but it also looks sleek (thanks to the bronze-coating steel). You can also choose from satin nickel and white.


A Set Of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Natural and eco-friendly, these Himalayan salt candle holders are a beautiful accent for any home. They’re designed to hold votives or tea lights to offer a warm glow throughout your dwelling space, and over 1,500 reviewers have given them five stars.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With Light-Changing Modes

This diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to disperse finely misted essential oils into the air. There are two mist modes available and seven changing color options — but you can also choose from several different time modes. It even automatically powers down once the water runs out.


This Self-Watering Pot That Helps You Grow Thriving Plants

This self-watering pot features a water level indicator that lets you know when it’s time to hydrate your indoor plants. (The set includes the pot, fiber soil, and instructions, too.) Perfect for someone working on their green thumb, this set helps you learn how to not over or underwater your plants. A variety of colors are available.


These Fridge Handle Covers That Come In Tons Of Designs

If you’re trying to keep your fridge handles clean, these covers can help. They’re each soft and backed with a non-slip coating, and they come in various designs. You can use them on the handles of your oven or dishwasher, too.


This Rustic Jewelry Holder With Rotating Necklace Hooks

Mount this jewelry holder to any wall for easy access to your earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. It features rotating hooks that offer convenient access to your items and a wood shelf that stores other trinkets. This product will also add a rustic design to your bedroom, bathroom, or closet.


These Rustic Floating Shelves To Keep Your Things On Display

Give your home some added storage space, or create a unique display with these stylish corner shelves. The rustic design is a great accent for your home, and the two-pack — each holding up to 40 pounds — allows you to place them next to or parallel with one another. They’ll look great in your living room, bedroom, or office and come accompanied with all the necessary hardware to install.


The Dish Tray That Holds Sponges, Brushes, & More

Place this dish tray on your countertop to hold sponges, dish towels, and other items needed around the sink. It’s made of waterproof and rustproof stainless steel, making it perfect for nearly any kitchen design. There’s a bracket that ensures its stability, and it is easy to assemble in minutes.


These Chalkboard Label Stickers For Organizing

Use these chalkboard stickers to label jars, cans, boxes, and more. This set of 96 offers different shapes that are waterproof and reusable time after time. There’s also a bonus white chalk marker included that writes smoothly and dries quickly.


A Convenient Key Holder With A Spot For Your Mail

This key and mail holder is perfect for your entryway or office, because it holds your essentials — even sunglasses. It’s made of dark-colored pine wood with black metal accents for a rustic and sleek design. It also has five durable hooks for keys, dog leashes, and more.


These Mini Plant Hangers For Your Succulents

These mini plant hangers will add a bit of liveliness to any room. Their minimalist design is super modern and on-trend, while the attached rope makes them simple for hanging. Each order comes with two golden metal hangers and two white ceramic plant pots with cotton ropes.


These Lavender-Filled Sachets That Keep Clothing Smelling Fresh

Place these sachets in your closet, clothing drawers, or gym bag for fresh-smelling clothing. Each one is filled with dried lavender buds, so they’re pleasantly aromatic. This set comes with 24 for a concentrated scent that you can place anywhere around your home.


The Broom & Dustpan Set With Self-Cleaning Bristles

This unique broom and dustpan set is a necessity for many reasons. The broom portion features an optional extension pole that allows you to adjust its length, while the dustpan clip-on feature helps hold them together while ins storage. The pan also comes with a built-in scraper that cleans the broom’s bristles after use.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That’ll Also Help Keep Your Counters Clean

This automatic soap dispenser will help you wash your hands without touching the container, because it’ll detect when your hands are underneath the nozzle. The device is compact enough to fit onto your bathroom countertop and operates with four AA batteries for cordless use. It also includes an on-and-off switch and adjustable volume controls for the amount of soap that comes out.


A Clear Organizer That Holds & Dispenses Cotton Swabs, Toothpicks, & More

This organizer can hold and dispense cotton swabs, toothpicks, and other small items. It’s made of clear, durable plastic that’ll blend into your decor — and you can buy the matching cylinder for larger items on your vanity.


This Label Maker To Help You Tag Items For Easy Storage & Access

You can use this label maker to easily tag items around your home. It can print five different fonts and offers a preview option that allows you to view them before printing. This device operates with batteries and is compact as well as lightweight.


A Sleek Espresso Maker That Works On The Stovetop

Make espresso on your own stovetop by using this espresso maker and manual coffee percolator. It’s designed to work on all gas and electric stovetops and can make nine cups at a time. Easy to assemble and brew, this pot is available in four color options.


A Bamboo Cutting Board With Grooves To Separate Your Food

Use this extra-large bamboo cutting board to chop vegetables, fruits, meats, and more. It’s made of natural bamboo and has a polished finish for easy use. There are three built-in grooves that help you separate foods while catching juice and debris before it runs off the sides.


This Stylish Tabletop Wine Rack That Also Holds Glasses

Set this tabletop wine rack on any surface to display your favorite beverages. It’s totally freestanding and can hold up to four wine bottles and four glasses at once. The assembly is simple and easy, requiring only four screws to install.


This Beautiful, Adjustable Plant Stand With A Golden Tint

This plant stand will give your home a brand new look. Simply place your existing pots inside — and just like that, they’ll look much more glamorous. This adjustable option is perfect for small, medium, and large plant pots, and it can hold up to 25 pounds in weight. The modern gold design will look great in any room.


The Durable Cups To Match Your Pastel Plate Set

Pair these eco-friendly cups with the aforementioned plate set to complete your collection of pastel eatery. This set comes with five cups that are biodegradable and suitable for use in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. Stack these unbreakable cups in your cabinet to save space.


An Infinity Floating Frame That Can Be Mounted Or Placed On A Tabletop

How cute is this infinity picture frame? It features a unique round design with a floating photo option that looks great displaying pictures, artwork, and more. It can be mounted or placed on a tabletop with its attachable pedestal stand. Available in four different finishes and two sizes, this frame is sure to become a conversation piece for all who enter your home.


These Eco-Friendly Pastel Plates Made With Wheat Straw Fiber

This set of eco-friendly plates are sure to brighten up your home. They’re made of natural and non-toxic wheat straw fiber, starch, and premium polypropylene material. This set comes with four pastel plates. Each of which are unbreakable and safe for the dishwasher and microwave.


This Lid & Utensil Stand That’s Useful While Cooking

Navigate your kitchen a little easier with this lid stand, which also helps reduce clutter. It can hold lids and other utensils — such as spatulas and ladles — while you cook so that everything is right there when you need it. The construction is durable and rust-resistant.


This Spoon Rest That’ll Help Prevent Messy Countertops

Eliminate messy drips around your kitchen with this silicone utensil rest. It keeps your countertops clean while making sure your utensils close are within reach. The holder is BPA-free and crafted with four slots to hold spatulas, spoons, whisks, and more.


The Toothpaste Dispenser That Mounts To Your Wall

Install this toothpaste dispenser to your bathroom for simple, non-contact use. It’s made of durable, BPA-free plastic and mounts on your wall without tools (only an adhesive strip). It’s durable and easy to clean, making the task of brushing your teeth much more enjoyable.


This Polisher That’ll Keep Your Cars Looking Great

Give your vehicles premium treatment with this waxer and polisher. This set comes with a 6-inch polisher, one foam applicator bonnet, and two polishing bonnets for use on cars, trucks, boats, and more. It has a 10-foot cord and is equipped with a comfortable two-handle design for easy handling and use.